Rock stars need car and life insurance just like everyone else in the world. However, the question is should your company insure these rock stars? The answer is more than likely going to be a resounding no, and there are multiple reasons why you should not ensure these people. Consider, Elvis Presley, one of the greatest rock stars of all time, who died from a drug overdose with heart complications at the age of 42. Other examples:

- Kurt Cobain died at the age of 27 after committing suicide

- Buddy Holly killed at the age of 22 from a plane crash

- Janis Joplin died from drug overdoes at the age of 27

- Tupcac the rapper was shot and killed at the age of 25

This is just a short list of those rockers that have died before their time was truly up. But the one thing that they all have in common, is that they die before they are into their thirties, with the exception of Elvis Presley.

So why are rock stars such bad risks to take for insurance companies? First off, consider the lifestyle of the rock star. There motto is to live fast and live hard. Drug overdoses seem to be a reccurring theme in the rock stars death. Consider this to a regular everyday person working a nine to five job, the rock star has a startlingly higher percentage of dying at a young age because they do participate in those activities that are considered illegal and highly dangerous for a reason. For life insurance purposes this means that the company who is insuring the rock star is going to be paying out the premiums that are due to the beneficiary way before the time in which the premiums would normally be paid. This can cause a financial mess for the company.

When considering whether to insure a rock star for motor insurance, consider the number of rock stars who have ended their life due to a car accident. Lisa Lopez otherwise known as 'Left Eye' from the group TLC was killed in car crash after driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol after trying to pass several other cars at the age of 30. Cliff Burton, the bass player for Metallica was killed when their tour bus hit a patch of ice and flipped at the age of 24. In addition, consider the number of accidents that the rock stars themselves have caused. Everyday, it is not uncommon to hear of a rock star who caused an accident either from being on their cell phone or being under the influence of a foreign substance. So not only are the companies having to insure the rock star should some unexplainable car accident occur, but they are also taking a huge risk with ensuring the rock star because they get into so many more accidents when compared to the average American citizen.

When also considering the risk of the rock star in regards to car insurance, the company has to consider the rock star spends a great amount of time on the road when compared to the average citizen. They may spend 300 days on the road, only stopping for shows, which statistically puts them at a higher chance of having an accident when compared to other people that are driving on the road. Exhaustion does play a huge role in many of these accidents since the life of the rock star is nonstop fun and touring.

Overall, rock stars are not the kind of clients that companies want to ensure. They will cost more money for the company since they will have to pay out more for when these accidents do occur and may have to pay out sooner than they would normally expect because of the life that the rock star leads.